Me llamo Godfrey Santos Plata.

Soy un inmigrante filipino queer, un inquilino en Koreatown, un educador, un organizador y un demócrata lo suficientemente valiente como para obligar a nuestro asambleísta de tres mandatos a una segunda vuelta. Elijamos personas en lugar de corporaciones, ganemos con representación de inquilinos y responsabilicemos a la policía para Black Lives Matter. #VayaConGodfrey este 3 de noviembre.


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Godfrey Santos Plata is one of the rare genuinely progressive candidates running for State Assembly this fall. At a time when our state is in the middle of a massive housing crisis, Plata could be the sole renter in the 80-member California State Assembly (the current solitary renter, Todd Gloria, is running a tight race for Mayor of San Diego — plus he was a homeowner in 2008). Plata’s policies on housing, the environment, and healthcare are all extremely progressive. So much so, in fact, that the incumbent Miguel Santiago has decided to shift left after years of taking tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from oil companies, developers, and law enforcement associations. But it’s too little, too late. Vote for Plata.

Plata is running a scrappy, energetic campaign based on a deep understanding of the material challenges facing all of his working-class constituents. It’s a tough hill Plata is climbing as he attempts to unseat the established centrist incumbent, Miguel Santiago. If he’s able to pull it off, it will be a sharp tug left for city and state politics. Plata’s policy positions are all good, encompassing sophisticated and nuanced takes on everything from rent control and health care to education and social justice.

35-year-old Godfrey Plata is looking to break the mold of politics.

"Challenger Godfrey Santos Plata promises to push AD-53 to prioritize the interests of local residents who have been left out of policymaking, particularly focusing on renters’ rights, health care for all, equitable tax reform, and transferring our criminal-justice system to focus on prevention and rehabilitation over punitive measures... Godfrey Santos Plata is endorsed by progressive organizations, such as Ground Game LA, Sunrise Movement LA, and Our Revolution Los Angeles. According to our analysis, Plata will provide leadership for the district that works to promote the shared interests of communities that have been excluded from the policymaking process.

Genuinely progressive challenger to a milquetoast establishment Democrat with a truly disappointing record on housing policy. The incumbent, Miguel Santiago, has a long history of taking fossil fuel and cop union money while claiming to be progressive champion. He’s not. Vote for Godfrey.

Despite the Democratic supermajority, Democrats have failed to make meaningful progress on housing, homelessness, policing, or protections for Californians during the Covid pandemic. Consequently, we are supporting three challengers and just one incumbent this November. Godfrey Santos Plata (53rd), Tracy Bernard Jones (54th), and Fatima Iqbal-Zubair (64th) have each brought to their races credible progressive politics that are required to wrest control of the Assembly from the moderate superblock of Democrats that shows near-total deference to huge corporations, polluting industries, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and law enforcement.

Plata embodies the optimism of the progressive new class of leaders seeking to demographically and ideologically shift the Democratic Party.

Godfrey Santos Plata is sharp and focused on building up communities of color. We need more courage in Sacramento to stand up for students of color in Los Angeles.

Godfrey Santos Plata is endorsed by community organizations fighting for economic and housing justice... He has pledged to not take any money from the police.... [W]ith endorsements from local organizations... and a clear policy agenda, he’s got a shot at a large group of voters looking to break with Democratic party norms.

If elected, Plata would be the only renter in the Assembly — and a champion for low-income tenants.

Godfrey was endorsed by Sunrise Movement LA, Our Revolution LA, Run For Something, LA Podcast, and Ground Game LA. We know these endorsements are a result of his broad-based fight against corporate money influencing politics, labor rights, and healthcare, and we know he prioritizes defending marginalized communities’ access to a higher, safer quality of life. We therefore endorse Plata.

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