My name is Godfrey Santos Plata.

I’m not your average candidate. I'm not a party politician. I don't even own a business suit.

I’m a gay Filipino immigrant, a Koreatown renter, and if elected, I'd be the FIRST person in the California Assembly's 140-year history to be an out LGBTQIA+ immigrant. I’ve spent my career as an educator and organizer, supporting youth, families, and teachers to understand systems of power and develop skills to fight against unjust policies and systems.

We fight because our representatives have failed to represent us. Developers and corporations thrive while our legislators stay silent on our everyday realities: rising rents that push us out of our communities and homes, low wages that can't keep up with the cost of living, and underfunded schools that under-cut the potential of our future generations.

I believe a different way is possible. I believe our leaders can prioritize people over politics, and our survival over profits. To do that, we need a different type of leader. I'm not your average candidate, and that's my greatest asset. My work with youth and schools roots me firmly in the most urgent challenges we face as Californians. We cannot wait for our legislators to catch up to us. Our needs are now. Our time is now. With your vote on March 3, 2020, we can build the world we deserve.

Let's go.