My name is Godfrey Santos Plata.

I am a queer Filipino immigrant, a renter in Koreatown, an educator, an organizer, and a Democrat brave enough to force our 3-term assemblymember into a run-off. Let's choose people over corporations, win renter representation, and hold police accountable so that Black Lives Matter. #GoWithGodfrey on November 3rd.

Let's go.

What Does the Media Think?

Genuinely progressive challenger to a milquetoast establishment Democrat with a truly disappointing record on housing policy. The incumbent, Miguel Santiago, has a long history of taking fossil fuel and cop union money while claiming to be progressive champion. He’s not. Vote for Godfrey.

Plata is running a scrappy, energetic campaign based on a deep understanding of the material challenges facing all of his working-class constituents. It’s a tough hill Plata is climbing as he attempts to unseat the established centrist incumbent, Miguel Santiago. If he’s able to pull it off, it will be a sharp tug left for city and state politics. Plata’s policy positions are all good, encompassing sophisticated and nuanced takes on everything from rent control and health care to education and social justice.

35-year-old Godfrey Plata is looking to break the mold of politics.

This downtown seat is currently held by Miguel Santiago, who’s been decent with regard to expanding public banks but is otherwise a centrist voice in the state. Godfrey Santos Plata is running an exciting upstart campaign: he’d be the only renter in the State Legislature, and he’s a true progressive.

Plata embodies the optimism of the progressive new class of leaders seeking to demographically and ideologically shift the Democratic Party.

Godfrey Santos Plata is sharp and focused on building up communities of color. We need more courage in Sacramento to stand up for students of color in Los Angeles.

Help us win on November 3rd.